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Smarter Building Materials for a Cleaner Environment

What is “SMARTER” Building?

Smart Products Offer 5 Basic Environmental Benefits
• Improvement of indoor air quality
• Protection of aquatic ecosystems and water recovery
• Conservation of resources
• Stimulation of the local economy
• Energy savings — manufactured responsibly

Being environmentally responsible is not only sensible, and smart, it saves money in the life of the product and your budget.

Smarter Building Systems is about building “smart”, LEEDS, Green, Alternative. They all embrace new building methods, ideas and materials. The prime motivation is saving water, heating and cooling expenses and environmental costs.

At Smarter Building Systems we have done the research and have been involved for over forty years in building and alternative energy products.

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Basalt to the Rescue!

Basalt Rebar doesn’t corrode like Steel Rebar! The use of traditional steel rebar has demonstrated that it can cause expensive maintenance, repair and replacement problems.

steel-spallingReinforced concrete structures are facing serious degradation problems due to the corrosion of the steel rebar inside the concrete structures. In the USA alone, the estimated cost to repair these problems is approaching 300-billion US dollars annually!

Reinforced concrete structures have to be able to support the load and its own weight. As such, the greater the total weight to be supported, the more rebar and concrete required.

The problems associated with steel rebar (corrosion, weight, etc.) are avoided with the use of fiberglass (FRP) in this case (BFRP) basalt fibers alternative, because BFRP materials are nonmetallic and noncorrosive. Read More.

The Many Uses of Basalt

Basalt Tape aka Lava Wrap. Multiple applicaitons including exhaust headers and any exhaust pipes. Read More.

Bridges Wrapping, Load-Bearing Profiles, Concrete Reinforcements. Highly resistant to acid and alkalis basalt rebars are much stronger than steel. Read More.

Fire Protection. Basalt fibers reach 150°C higher heat resistance than fiberglass fibers and are much less expensive than silica fiber materials. Read More.

Geogrids, Meshes, and Chopped fibers for Concrete and Asphalt. Asphalt road overlays suffer from serious cracking under heavy traffic. Read More

Friction Materials, automotive, marine, environmental, prosthetics, brake pads, exhaust systems, filtration media, boating fabrics, sporting goods, the possibilities are endless! Read More.

High Pressure vessels, Cryogenics, CNG tanks. For high pressure vessels that are too heavy with fiberglass, or CNG cylinders too expensive with S-glass, switch to basalt fiber. Read More. is produced by Nick Gencarelle of Smarter Building Systems LLC, ©2014 All Rights Reserved
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