Smarter Building Materials for a Cleaner Environment.

Smarter Building Systems promotes building materials and systems that create healthier buildings while allowing them to help survive catastrophic events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes.

Our building materials available today can handle these extreme events. Decades of experience tell us what works and what is cost effective. People are selecting building materials for their longevity and how they impact the total costs for heating, cooling and the environment. Buildings of the future must provide comfort, be lightweight and safe in an integrated, dynamic and functional way.

Smarter Building Systems has researched materials that are unique, innovative, non-toxic, non-hazardous, sustainable and recyclable.

  • BASALT VOLCANIC ROCK FIBERS are in integral component to many of the ways we help achieve these goals.
  • SBS has FIRE PROOF PAINT COATINGS that provide exceptional insulation and sound attenuation.
  • We have ADVANCED CONCRETE SOLUTIONS such as Geo-polymers, bio-based resins and foams and the most thermally insulating products in the world.

Stop fires from burning down your home or business. Prevent tornadoes or hurricanes or earthquakes from destroying your whole life. Trees can be replanted, sad as it is to see them go, but homes and vehicles are not easily replaced. Let’s build sensibly from now on and have an opportunity to be safe when these extreme events happen.

Our materials and ideas are affordable. They save money on bills such as heating and cooling and repairs for the life of the buildings. This pays not only in safety and security and peace of mind but monthly costs as well.

  • Our BASALT REBAR, BASALT MESH AND BASALT CHOPPED FIBER last lifetimes, never corrode and are easy to install.
  • Our COATINGS are made to stop fire in its tracks, and offer the very best insulation in a thinner installation.
  • COMPOSITES made from basalt are far more impact tolerant than most any other fibers. They are safer, non-respirable and no-conductive.
  • BASALT FIBER FABRICS wet with resins beautifully, have a great color and do not harbor bacterial or microbial growth while being hundreds of degrees hotter and colder capable. They do not shatter on impact like other fibers, UV immune and do not interfere with RF communications signals.
  • BASALT FIBERS are used in many sporting goods items like skis and snowboards, surfboards, cryogenics and prosthetics.
  • Pipes made from basalt are far stronger, holding tanks for corrosive liquids and chemicals.
  • Boats and any marine products like masts and spars are far stronger and longer lasting and far more easily recyclable.
  • Thermoplastics enhanced with basalt fibers can be over 300% stronger with better heat, cold and abrasion properties.

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