SBS-ThirtyPlus is an extremely unique ultimate performance insulation, corrosion and moisture protection coating.

SBS-ThirtyPlus is an epoxy ceramic based coating that is impervious to heat and water providing for extreme insulation value. At 10 mils (0.25 mm) thickness the K value is 0.02 WmK.

The SBS-ThirtyPlus is not just reflective, “it is true insulation”.

  • It can get dirty, lose its reflectivity, and it will still insulate because of the type components that have been incorporated into the product.
  • Also provides for up to 68% sound reduction based on independent tests.
  • Because it is “wetter than water”, SBS-ThirtyPlus can even be applied under salt water.
  • Applied properly, SBS-ThirtyPlus warrants against damage from standing water and can remain under water permanently with no harm to the coating.
  • It may be applied directly over rust and offers unmatched protection against heat and cold extremes, mildew, alkali, UV, oils and grease.
  • SBS-ThirtyPlus can be applied to a dry or damp surface making rain a non-issue when it comes to application time.’
  • It is water proof and can be applied direct to Metal, PVC, Concrete, EPDM and cap-sheet
  • The SBS-ThirtyPlus can also be applied to wood, stucco, sheetrock, virtually any substrate.
  • SBS-ThirtyPlus adheres to practically all surfaces with remarkable flexibility.
  • SBS-ThirtyPlus is not recommended to be applied directly are Teflon, high-plasticized vinyl’s, polyethylene, and/or silicone rubber.
  • However, by utilizing SBS-520 primer the SBS-ThirtyPlus can even be applied to polyethylene.
  • The product maintains flexibility to prevent cracking.
  • Very easy to use with long pot life, high insulation, high reflectivity, high emissivity, encapsulates virtually all roof material, chemically inert finish, withstands acids, alkalis, animal fats, grease and oils,
  • Can be used to encapsulates asbestos, so no tear off or landfill waste.• Withstands 2.5-inch hail at 140 mph. (dependent on substrates structural properties)
  • Stops Thermal shock thus extending roof life.

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SBS-ThirtyPlus ASTM Test Data
ASTM B117 Passed 500 hour Salt fog test
ASTM 518 Thermal Conductance 2.61 Btu(h)(ft2)(F) = Excellent
ASTM 518 Thermal Conductivity 0.0139 Btu(in)/(h)(ft2)(F),
metric 0.002 w/m/K, = Excellent
ASTM D-2240 Hardness 85 Shore Durometer
ASTM E108-91A UBC32-7
E-84 Smoke and flame spread test
Class A Fire Rated
Flame Spread rating = 5
Smoke rating = 25
ASTM D-638 Tensile Strength 1393PSI
ASTM E-96 Water Vapor Transmission 0.7 perms
SRI value 110 initial -99 / 3yrs
Emittance value 0.87 initial / 0.98 3yrs
Reflectance value 0.87 initial / 0.79 3yrs
ASTM G-53 500 hour accelerated weathering test “bent double with no cracking, remaining highly flexible”
ASTM 1640, D-92, D-1644A, D-2196, D-696, D-570, C-836, D-1652, D-1259 “Flexibility was retained in sub–zero conditions (down to –92 F)”

SBS-ThirtyPlus Features & Benefits

  • Very High Insulation Capacity
  • Can be applied over Damp Surfaces and remain under water
  • Very Little Prep Work over tight Rusty Metal
  • High Resistance to UV, Adverse Weather, Abrasion & Corrosion
  • Extreme Adhesion to Substrate
  • Extremely Durable Wear Surface
  • No Top-Coat necessary
  • Contains No Zinc, Lead or Chromates
  • Typical Applications: Roofs, metal buildings, ducts, concrete walls, basements, etc.

Application Methods

SBS-ThirtyPlus may be applied by brush, roller, or spray.

  • Surfaces should be free of loose rust, mill scale, paint, grease, oil, loose Portland cement and any other film-forming foreign material – all surfaces should be clean, tight and cured.
  • An example of the prep work needed is to water blast with high-pressure (3,000 psi MIN) water to thoroughly clean off all debris, dirt, loose rust, mill scale, paint, grease, oil, loose Portland cement and any other film-forming foreign material and other contaminates.
  • The end result is to have a clean tight solid cured substrate by whatever means is necessary for the given particular application.
  • Optimum results are obtained if the surface is dry — although entirely satisfactory protection may be obtained if the surface is damp.
  • Surplus water should be removed to prevent excessive bubbling of the coating.
  • Applied properly, one 13.3 mil wet coat dries to 10 mils making it impervious to water, providing for unsurpassed insulative properties and flexibility.
  • Millage is dependent upon application when covering old corroded metal in that the tight rust can’t be taller than the coating is thick. The coating must cover all of the peaks of the rust.
  • However, No primer is needed on metal surfaces, thereby reducing total job cost. Airless spray is the most efficient application method for larger projects. Brushes and rollers may be used for detail work such as edge termination, filling of voids, pinholes, and small cracks.


(See section ** for faster production application)

Prior to combining Part A and Part B

  • Power mix Part A pail and Part B pail for 2 minutes separately, before blending the ingredients – Note: Part A may appear clear, but when properly mixed it should become cloudy or milky in appearance.
  • It is imperative to mix Part A very well to allow for product cure.
  • Combine and thoroughly power mix at a (4 to 1 ratio) 4 Parts “B”) with 1 Part Activator (part “A”),
    • for 5 minutes minimum in the 5 gallon pail
    • for 1 minute minimum in one gallon pail
  • Using a power mixer until all streaks and/or lumps disappear and the mixture has uniform color and consistency.
  • Be sure to allow mixing blade to rub on sides and bottom of container to recombine all contents.
  • Allow to stand (or ingest) for 45 minutes to one hour before using or adding any thinner.
    • Use of thinner increases possibility of sag and reduces dry film thickness.
    • Thinner also retards cure time.
    • For best results, use just as it comes from the pail.
    • However, if thinning is required (use MEK or new lacquer thinner) it can be added to the product with no harm to the coating.
    • Thinning will necessitate applying more coats to achieve the desired mil thickness.
    • Any overspray cleaning and/or equipment cleaning – must be cleaned immediately with acetone, toluene, xylene, or MEK.

** If a Faster cure and application is needed:

When application and cure time is critical for continuous product of pipe or other flat surfaces, it is suggested to consider;

  • The use of a plural component spray system (with pre-heaters) this will allow for the product to set-up in minutes, or if pasted through a warming tunnel or other warm air source, full cure can be achieved in a short amount of time as well.
  • If pumping out of 5gal pails or larger, keep all contents mixed and in proper suspension.

Product information and ambient cure times:

  • SBS-ThirtyPlus is 75% solids.
  • Approx. Pot Life: 4 to 6 hours at 80 F.
  • Drying time 1 to 2 hours at 80 F.
  • Curing time: Initial: 8 hours at 80 F, Complete: 3 days at 80 F.
  • Example: Apply 13.3 mils (.0133 inches or 0.337 mm) wet to achieve a final dry mil thickness of 10 mils (0.010 inches or 0.254 mm).
  • SBS-ThirtyPlus will cover approximately 120 square feet (11.2 sq meters) per gallon at 10 mils (0.254 mm) thickness.
  • If second coat is needed wait till first coat is tacky dry, usually 1-2 hours in 80 F.
  • An example of the suggested Spray Equipment: Graco 5900 with 0.021 to 0.035 tip size with 3500 PSI capability and typically a reversible self-cleaning tip.
  • Remove all filters from gun and hose, including bung hose.

Safety concerns:

Use in well ventilated area; if that is not possible, use a NIOSH approved self-contained breathing apparatus or vapor filters on a mask. Protective gloves and safety glasses must be worn at all times. Only very high abrasion will remove the coating. Caution: With the extreme adhesion characteristics of this product all safety procedures must be followed.

Storage Stability & Shelf Life

The shelf life of SBS- ThirtyPlus is one year when stored in original, unopened container. Store containers in a well ventilated and covered area away from extreme heat and moisture. Contact your SBS representative if you have any questions about the product or its uses.

Health, safety and environmental information are provided for this product in the Materials Safety Data Sheet. This gives details of potential hazards, precautions and First Aid measures, together with environmental effects and disposal of used products. Before using the product other than directed, please contact SBS for consultation.

The manufacturer/supplier is not responsible for the use and application of this material. At the time of this publication all information contained within was determined to be valid and true. It is up to the end user determine the suitability of this product for their own application. No warranty is written or implied regarding application and use of this product. SBS makes no specific R-value claims.

Contact Nick Gencarelle for product information
and pricing (phone +1 401 481 8422)